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PIC: 937306636

Health Is Wealth’s Final Learning Mobility In Romania

The Health is Wealth project has been so far a transformative journey for participants, focusing on various aspects of health and well-being.

As the project nears its conclusion, the last learning mobility is set to take place in Romania, hosted by the partner organization Masterpeace during the week 18-24 June 2023. This learning mobility will delve into the crucial topic of mental health, aiming to raise awareness and promote positive mental wellbeing among the participants.

In preparation to the mobility, the Italian participants have created a valuable resource in the form of a booklet, comprising a collection of articles on mental health and a mental wellbeing challenge, an innovative initiative that aims to encourage the adoption of positive mental health practices. All the results will be shared during the Learning Teaching Training (LTT) event.

To further amplify the project’s impact, four Italian participants have been selected to participate in the esteemed Model UNESCO event that will provide a platform for young leaders to engage in international discussions about the topic of “Living Heritage of Indigenous People”.

Upon arrival in Ploiesti, a rich agenda awaits the participants, comprising engaging workshops, nonformal activities and cultural tours. These activities are centered around the theme of mental health, fostering deep understanding and inspiring the participants to develop good habits.

The final Learning Teaching Training in Romania represents a significant milestone in the Erasmus+ project Health is Wealth. It represents the culmination of the participants’ collective efforts, providing them with valuable knowledge, experiences, and tools to prioritize mental well-being and extend the project’s impact beyond its conclusion.

Written by Francesca Politi