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JUMP is a cultural organization born in Calabria in 2012 from the will of a team of young adults who studied and worked years out of the region Calabria with the same common interest in Europe, its functioning, institutions and values. Coming back to the native land they discovered that many things could have been done to improve the situation and be active players in the wider European framework. Calabria is a beautiful territory, with charming natural places, the Ionian sea and long sandy beaches, high mountains, lovely hills and historical hamlets. On the other hand, the region is poor and underdeveloped with two main problems: youth unemployment and depopulation. JUMP wants to solve especially these problems through the development of opportunities of networking, learning and growing. JUMP works at the international level remaining reliable to the local valorisation and it’s involved in a permanent activity of project design and management.

JUMP’s mission is to give a strong value to the “Youth Spirit” we all should have inside to react and take action. That’s why the second name is “Gioventù in riSalto” that literally means “highlight youth”. While JUMP as the first “keyword” wants to express the launch we should do towards life, all along life. 

JUMP has the long term vision that what is international can have an impact on the local and develop social innovation. People make the difference and it’s their union which can bring a positive change. 

Thanks to an intensive work of relationship building, international cooperation and continue learning on EU topics, JUMP matured an almost 10 years experience in:

  • EU project design and management, especially in the topics of social entrepreneurship, social innovation, cultural studies in business, cultural heritage, green economy/ecology, circular economy, innovation in education and game-based learning;
  • Teachers training on many topics which are the result of a continuous research of experts and teacher trainers;
  • Organization of events;
  • Web-design and web-content production
  • Video-making
  • Social media dissemination and marketing

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The Calabria region is to be discovered, not just for its amazing nature and astonishing beaches but also for food, culture and traditions.

JUMP proposes to all our guests intercultural activities to learn and enjoy local aspects which you will never know simply as “just tourists”. 

JUMP main activities are

Research on educational topics and development of training methods

Creation of manuals and learning tools, innovative lessons using Non Formal Education and Outdoor Education

Web-design, web-management, blogging, web content development, translation and graphics

Video making, Media and Information Literacy

Development of European policies through European projects involving tran-sectorial actors from civil society and public institutions

Organization of contact making meetings for managers and leaders for Partnership Building and to start up future cooperation

Mobility projects for educators and youth, sending organization for youth trainings, seminars, youth events, youth exchanges and ESC volunteers

Hosting young entrepreneurs with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme (EYE Program)

Local development and internationalization for public administration and local authorities

Organization of public events to foster and promote European citizens and debates on EU priorities and actuality (7 Editions of the Euro.Soul Festival. European soul)

Placement of students and teachers by local partners (companies, commercial studios, insurance, institutions, entrepreneurs, medical services, social assistance services etc) make traineeships, learning or working experiences

jump academy professional training

JUMP develops trainings for the upgrade of teachers, for educators and school directors, for entrepreneurs and for adults in general

project design and management

JUMP is full of ideas and is always ready to write a new project. Counting with hundreds of partners all over the world, our team design and develop all kind of international project creating intellectual outputs, developing research, communicating and disseminating results


JUMP has been the inventor of this unique Festival since 2013. The 1st edition was held in Soverato in 2013 and we count now with VII with the last one being realized in 2023. Due to the COVID pandemic we had to stop for 2 years. Euro.Soul stands for “European Soul” because we strongly believe that year by year we strengthen our belief in European values and principles. 


With this Festival JUMP involves schools, public authorities, other local NGOs, international partners and citizens in general is a week-long program with events, debates, workshops, contests and outdoor activities bringing culture and a new perspective about what we know and feel about the European Union.

The date of May 9th commemorates the Schuman Declaration, given in 1950. French foreign minister, Robert Schuman, gave the declaration. He proposed to unite the French and West German coal and steel industries. This led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which became the first European Community


Here you can find the most important data of JUMP: codes, statute and the received European funds.