OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Jolanta Kolanowska

It’s probably the only chef blogger of Ionian Cost, maybe of Calabria, Jolanta is Polish but she was living in London for a long time and then moved to Italy where she lives since 6 years. Her daily activity is cooking; expert in “cake design” but also very creative in managing her home-restaurant in Satriano (CZ). 

Jolanta unites in cooking many different ingredients: creativity, international fusion, reflection, time management and she develops entrepreneurial competences aiming at the development of future plans and opportunities.

Jolanta is also a wife, a mother, a gran mother and travels in all around Europe invited to make “international cooking lessons” or demonstrations. 

For JUMP she was involved in the training “Experience Italy: language, culture and food” in September 2016 and in the “Outdoor Education Week” in October 2016.