OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Giuseppe Perrotti

Graduated at Catanzaro’s UMG school of Veterinary Medicine. Specialized in Applied Ethology and animal welfare at the university of Naples Fedirico II. Nominated Expert in Behavioural medicine by FNOVI (Italian Federetion Orders of Veterinary Medicine). Master in life coaching and positive psychology certification at Transformation Academy. Graduated Expert in mindfulness meditation protocols for family, schools, company and therapy at IEPP (European Institute of Positive Psychology). Art Therapy practitioner. Currently studying to graduate in clinical psychology with strategic approach.
He published one book for children and a collection of short stories. Passionate about martial arts and historical fencing. Speaks fluent English as a result of living for two years in United States mean while attending the public middle school. Has a great passion for life and curiosity. Eager to share his personal knowledge as well as knowing more about others. His contribution to the Jump’s team is focused on Emotional awareness, Stress management, Outdoor education, Echo schooling, story-telling, critical thinking, cultural heritage and a bubbly sense of humor (which he won’t teach but will gladly let you enjoy).