OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Katarzyna Oklesinska

Katarzyna Oklesińska, Kasia in short, is from Poland and she has been an English Language Teacher for over ten years. 

She has graduated from BA and MA studies in English Philology with a primary specialisation in English Language Teaching and secondary specialisations in Translation and Polish Language Teaching. As part of her MA studies, Kasia also completed a year-long study abroad programme at University College Dublin in Ireland. Additionally, she graduated from a CELTA course and was awarded with Pass A.

 Kasia has a comprehensive English teaching experience as she worked with various age groups throughout her career: very young learners, primary education children, adolescents, university students and, finally, adults. Kasia worked as a language teacher in four different countries: Poland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. She is keen on getting to know different cultures and she thrives in a multinational environment – her students come from 5 different continents!

Her teacher training adventure began in 2017 while working as a Director of Studies at one of the language schools in Poland and Cambridge Authorised Exam Centre. Kasia also shared her teaching methodology knowledge with pre-service teachers at the University of Lodz, Poland, where she ran a course on adapting and developing ELT materials. She loves writing and she was a peer writing tutor at English wRiting Improvement Centre (ERIC) and an English Academic Writing instructor at the University of Lodz.

Currently, Kasia is a self-employed English Language Teacher and a teacher trainer. She runs Media Information Literacy (MIL) and Video Education course at JUMP. Kasia loves incorporating new technologies into her lessons as they provide a bridge between students’ real life and an educational context. She was inspired to start experimenting with video editing by her Italian students in Tuscany a few years ago and she has been a huge fan of digital storytelling ever since.