OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Anna Rose Heath

A British artist and writer from London, Anna Rose moved to Calabria in 2018 to volunteer with refugees in Camini (rc) and decided to make Calabria her home permanently. She graduated from a Fine Art degree in 2008 (De Montfort University, Leicester), and was studying for a degree in Anthropology (University of East London) before deciding to take a gap year and travel before Brexit. She is a multidisciplinary person with a very varied career that has ranged from working in an Italian grocery store in London to curating exhibitions in London and semi-abandoned villages in Calabria, harvesting olives to working as a barista, and in the last three years she has been working with a variety of different Erasmus projects as a translator and session leader doing artistic projects and helping with the language.

She is also writing a graphic novel about her experience in Calabria.
She has been working for Jump since June 2024, teaching English in a creative innovative way and developing outdoor education activities.