OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Alessia Simonetti

Alessia is a passionate and experienced learning leader and innovator, with more than ten years of experience designing and leading local and international activities in the field of Education and Training.  Graduated in Communication Science at Sapienza University of Rome, for her final thesis Alessia conducted a field study in Brazil during her civil service year, working in an international cooperation project and analyzing the effectiveness of empowering adult learning methodologies applied to local trainings, community capacity building, social entrepreneurship and solidarity cooperation networks.

After other studying and working experiences abroad, in 2012 she started collaborating with AIM – Agency for Interculture and Mobility in Rome, working on local and EU projects in the field of Education and Training, applying non formal education methodology and innovation processes with schools, associations and other kind of organizations.With AIM she also worked as facilitator and trainer at Spazio Europa, the European Public Space co-managed by the Italian Representation of the European Commission and the Communication office for the European Parliament in Rome. This role has been enriched with other tasks:  organization of teacher training, organization of events and training for young people and other key stakeholders in the field of the European dimension of Education, networking meetings focused on EU policies, programs and funds.

In a parallel direction, Alessia enjoyed several courses and Masters becoming certified as Professional Counselor and expert in coaching, mentoring, innovative and creative learning methodologies, personal development, effective and non violent communication, mindfulness and well-being, conscious education, creative use of storytelling and digital tools in the classroom. Another key experience in Alessia’s career is “MEET”: Association – Movies for European Education and Training – since 2014 she has been organizing MEET Film Festivals in different European Countries, a meeting place for all european and world audiovisual productions focused on education, training, youth and EU cooperation projects; and in 2017 the first edition of AgriCulture Film festival, focused on the links between culture, agriculture, biodiversity and education and training experiences in these fields.

For JUMP Alessia is a freelance trainer expert in the topic of “Coaching and mentoring”, Emotional competences and wellbeing, mindfulness, conscious education and media literacy.  Alessia still lives in Rome and to collaborate with JUMP she travels to Soverato (CZ) when trainings are fixed and organized.