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The new list of 32 JUMP Training Proposals for all educators, teachers and school staff

  1. BUSINESS ENGLISH. The course to improve technical business language proficiency and empower business relationships
  2. CLIL IS PRACTICE. A training course for the creation of interactive lessons in foreign languages
  3. COACHING & MENTORING. Innovative techniques for teachers, mentors and educators to fight dropout and motivate all 
  4. CODING@SCHOOL. Computational Thinking Development – Coding as a tool to build classroom interaction and develop students creativity
  5. COMMUNICATION IN THE NEW MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY. Understanding how language works to improve our communication and relationships with others
  6. CRITICAL THINKING for future generation thinkers
  7. ECO-SCHOOL. Ecology Education Course for Teachers and Educators 

  8. EMOTIONAL COMPETENCES. Developing Emotional Intelligence in teachers and students

  9. ENTREPRENEURSHIP/FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Building sustainability from schools to the labor market

  10. EUROPEAN GLOBAL EDUCATION as a new pedagogical approach to grow global citizens at school
  11. EPDM – EUROPEAN PROJECTS DESIGN & MANAGEMENT. Access to European funds and European citizenship education

  12. EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE as a pedagogical and integration tool in education
  13. EXPERIENCE ITALY. Language, Culture, and Food in the Calabria Region
  14. JOYFUL ENGLISH. English basic course or upgrade English language course for teachers and educators
  15. LET’S BOOK TRAILERS @SCHOOL. Innovative methods to engage students, promote reading and enhance literacy and digital skills
  16. LET’S MAKE INCLUSION at school. Non-Formal Education is the answer

  17. MEDIA EDUCATION/MILMedia and Information Literacy + Video making@school. New frontiers to educate new global media literate citizens and fight bullying

  18. MINDFULNESS AT SCHOOL. Mindful Teachers – Mindful Students
  19. NATURAL BORN TEACHERS. Health-wellbeing and Mindfulness in the teaching profession

  20. ONLINE TEACHING – GAMIFICATION&GAME BASED LEARNING. How to find a balance. Supporting teachers to face the new frontiers of the digital transformation

  21. OUTDOOR EDUCATION. To improve pupils’ participation and prevent school drop-out

  22. OUTDOOR LEARNING. Teachers and staff team building – working together and build cooperation projects

  23. PBL. PROJECT BASED LEARNING. Making real-based teaching a success in your class

  24. S.O.S. EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION. A brand new training to train teachers to teach Europe at school and be more “European”

  25. SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS / SEN EDUCATION. Practices and policies in the European context for inclusion

  26. STEM/STEAM/STREAM EDUCATIONnew frontiers for a transversal and innovative schools

  27. STORYTELLING/DIGITAL STORYTELLING as bridges between the Virtual and the Sensory

  28. STRESS MANAGEMENT to improve teaching performance and personal life of teachers
  29. TEACHING EUROPE. The EU, its function, and new priorities towards 2030

  30. TEACHING IS COMMUNICATION. Developing positive communication skills for teachers

  31. TEACHING IN A GLOBAL CULTURAL CLASS ENVIRONMENT. The Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) approach 

  32. TICO TRAINING. Teaching is…Innovation, Communication and Outdoor education