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Pedagogy for change Learn about climate and Ecology


A consortium of 4 partners, representing four countries; JUMP (Italy), ADL (Associação de Desenvolvimento Local, Portugal), IKIGAI (Spain), Poland (Ars Imago Foundation) as Leader.
United by the main goal of inspiring the younger generation and active leaders to expand their knowledge concerning climate change, raise awareness in this regard, and undertake active measures in favor of sustainable development. It will promote a sense of individual and collective responsibility for the fate of the planet. The campaign will be carried out with the use of social media in an informational and educational manner. All while building potential and cross-sectoral cooperation, by supporting local youth in each partner country in activities concerning environmental protection, adaptation, and mitigating climate change, as well as sustainable development and creating a space for them to present their observations, including proposed solutions in terms of the needs of the natural environment.

Workshops consist of two cycles.

The first one covers gaining knowledge and skills in the field of climate crisis: causes, impact on the environment and people, consequences for Poland and the world, as well as ways to counteract it in everyday life.

The second cycle concerns media education in the context of climate change. With the help of experts, youths will gain knowledge and skills in taking advantage of information, media language, and concerning how to effectively talk about climate change in the spirit of journalistic ethics and integrity.

The campaign will include four meetings with climate activists and decision-makers devoted to climate change and manners of fighting for the future of our planet. They will focus on activities carried out in each partner country in recent months by environmental activists, and are going to consider which are worth saving the world with. The meeting will end with a social-artistic action in the form of a flash mob with the slogan “We release good energy for the climate”. The form and location will be developed in the course of the project. Activists working in favor of environmental protection and climate change will be invited to participate in the event.


Ars Imago Foundation
Associazione JUMP - Gioventù in riSalto
Associação de Desenvolvimento Local
Project Website


Module 1- Introduction to adaptation and mitigation of climate change and environmental protection at a local and global level.

Module 2- Sustainable development in practice.

Module 3- From vision to project.

Module 4- Leadership in change and effective implementation of changes in favor of sustainable development with the participation of the local community.

Module 5- Possible sources of financing for local investment projects and “soft” projects in favor of climate and environmental protection.

Expected Products

4 initiatives/projects/action plans implemented in local communities (one in each partner country);

What is Earth’s climate change all about?” educational Handbook

Expected Results

Improving skills necessary to be active leaders of change and development, as well as the knowledge necessary to make decisions related to the issue of European citizenship;

Strengthening relations with the local, regional, national, and European community;

Shaping civic attitudes;

Understanding global interdependencies and consequences of climate change in different economic, social, and geographical contexts is intended to constitute motivation to undertake actions aimed at protecting our planet, based on values such as: solidarity, equality, and justice;

Raising awareness and knowledge in the field of practical application of knowledge concerning sustainable development and identifying problems related to unsustainable development


Online Conferences - October 2022
Workshop in Portugal - November 2022
Workshop in Soverato (Italy) - December 2022