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Let’s Teach Europe!


According to the Special Eurobarometer Report, Cultural Heritage, a most respondents (88%) agree that Europe’s cultural heritage should be taught in schools, as it tells us about our history and culture. Adult education has a key role here.

​Partner organizations decided to respond to the need of modern teaching European Heritage to adult and senior learners. They will develop the idea of treating European heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool. It will be perceived as a carrier of important knowledge and common values.

​The project participants from partner organizations from Poland (coordinator), UK, Italy and Spain will be adults or seniors – students and educators. All of them will be invited to many local activities, some of them will also be selected to take part in the international training activities in partner countries. Participants will receive knowledge about the richness of Europe, as well as deepen the knowledge of their own culture. Educators participating in the project will develop their competences, exchange good practices, ideas and get necessary skills and inspiration to implement many creative lessons and activities, which will promote and support culture and European heritage.

​To achieve the project objectives and results, different activities are planned. An intensive collaboration of 4 adult institutions from 4 different countries will result in 4 international learning mobilities (3 Short-term joint staff training events in the UK, Spain and Poland and 1 blended mobility of adult learners in Italy).

Small scale project materials will be developed and published during the project. They include the project website presenting the 4 digital Heritage Routes in 4 countries of the partnership and a virtual teachers’ guide with lessons scenarios instructing teachers how to use the heritage materials in the classroom.

​Project activities will create new educational opportunities for adult learners, especially seniors and those who have never participated in Erasmus+ projects. They will increase their and social activation, develop knowledge of European heritage and increase the sense of responsibility for shared cultural European values. European heritage will be perceived as a carrier of important knowledge and common values. This will contribute to European integration as a social value will affect the cultural sensitivity of the European community as well as to promoting Erasmus+ activities among generations.

​Short-term joint staff training events will result in improved competences of adult education teachers. Participant of international trainings will create and publish culture lesson scenarios and share their competences with the rest of the staff and students during teacher training sessions and by publishing materials on the project website. The whole staff team will gain new teaching and intercultural skills, wider knowledge of European heritage, new inspiration for culture lessons, exchange best practices and ideas with the staff of partner organizations.


EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o.o.
JUMP - Gioventù in riSalto
Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd
Centro Privado Plurilingüe Liceo "La Paz"

1 Transnational Project Meeting

  • Poland

4 Learning Mobilities

  • UK by Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd
  • Spain by Centro Privado Plurilingüe Liceo “La Paz”
  • Italy by JUMP – Gioventù in riSalto
  • Poland by EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o.o.