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There is a strong need for a healthy lifestyle promotion and education about its benefits. We have classified the needs of the target groups into four content categories and two general categories. General categories cover key competences and youth strategy focused on engagement, connection and empowerment of young people. As regards key competences, we are going to focus on multilingualism, digital and technology-based competences, interpersonal skills and partly active citizenship and cultural awareness and expression. Our participants will improve their English and digital skills through the project implementation. Their interpersonal skills will be improved in a team work and interaction with others. Active citizenship will be encouraged when organizing local events and workshops. Cultural awareness and expression will be boosted while working in international team and visiting the countries of our partners.
From the content perspective there is a need to promote physical activities and sport, provide people with the options of healthy eating, connect people with the nature and appreciate the healing sounds of nature and promote mental health well-being. People who live close to nature perceive a wider range of sounds than those living in industrialized societies. When listenning to natural sounds, the brain relaxes. New research shows that playing natural sounds affects the bodily systems that control autonomic nervous systems, with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain There are two significant risks of unhealthy eating habits in teenagers that we want to prevent and eliminate: eating too much and not eating enough. Eating too much food, especially unhealthy food, puts teenagers at risk of overweight and obesity which increases risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Not eating enough and not getting the nutrients the teenagers need for healthy growth and development can lead to fatigue, poor concentration and loss of muscle mass and bone density. In some cases eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia are developed.
Physical activity gives us many benefits. It protects against many chronic disease, aids in weight management, lower blood pressure and improve heart health, improve the quality of sleep and also improve our memory and the function of brain. Not getting enough physical activity can lead to heart disease, even for people who have no other risk factors. Mental health is the new health. There are many people struggling with anxiety, depression, high level of stress and uncertainity about the future. We need to protect our
mental health, boost it and eliminate negative thoughts as well as learn how to manage stressful situations we have to face every day.

Specific objectives related to the EU Youth Goal nr. 5 MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING
– Increase the use of physical activities and sports in everyday life
– Eat more healthily and be conscious about the influence of food on our physical and mental well-being
– Connect with the nature and appreciate the healing power of the sounds in the nature
– Boost mental health well-being
– Increase the public health


Asociatia MasterPeace Ro
Associazione JUMP - Gioventù in riSalto
High on Life Martinique

2 Transnational Project Meetings

– Asociatia MasterPeace Ro (Romania)
– Associazione JUMP Gioventù in riSalto (Italy)

4 Learning Teaching Activities


Project results

Realization of the mobile app “Health is Wealth” consisting of 4 outcomes:

1. Let’s eat for the health of it (recipes of healthy diet, Italian, French, Romanian and Slovakian cuisine in a healthy way)

2. Mental health is the new wealth. Mental health techniques and positive encouragement for every day.

3. The power of nature (relaxing music – sounds of the nature)

4. Half an hour to stay fit (physical exercises for everyone)