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Cultural Studies in Business


The economical processes in the world cannot be analyzed without taking into the consideration their relation with politics, philosophy, religion, science and even art. In other words, the economical concepts have to be refashioned in relation with other concepts and theoretical positions that tend to produce a specific way of the ordering of the world.

Today economical processes are theorized at the level of the basic psychological desires of people or are reduced to the simplest perturbation of the quantum reality. The markets are looked upon as speculative fluxes and indeterminate aggregations of the capital.

The economic science has to be mediated by the humanities. The need to approach modern global economy from the position of the “presupposed” gap in the meaning and in the substance of the reality (something that poetry, art and the philosophy have been using in their approach long time ago) means to approach capital on its own terms. It is no surprise anymore that modern science is more philosophical than the critical theory nowadays. Maybe it is time to philosophize economy as well. 

Thus the idea of our project. CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS is a strategic partnership in the field of higher education involving 6 university partners and an NGO which foresees the creation of 3 Intellectual Outputs, 5 Multiplier Events, 3 Learning Mobilities, 19 Multiplier Events and realisation of a long list of concrete results. 


La Sapienza University of Rome
Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism - University of Split
Eurocollege of Kumanovo
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Wisdom University College of Tirana
UBI-Universidad de Beira Interior
Associazione JUMP - Gioventù in riSALTO

5 Transnational Project Meetings

– Rome (Italy) by La Sapienza University
– Kumanovo (Macedonia) by Eurocollege
– Vilnius (Lithuania) by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
​- Tirana (Albania) by Wisdom University College
​- Soverato (Italy) by Associazione JUMP – Gioventù in riSALTO

3 Learning Mobilities

– Italy by La Sapienza – University of Rome
– Portugal by UBI – Universidad de Beira Interior
​- Croatia by Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism -University of Split

20 Multiplier Events

3 Intellectual Outputs

14 Team Leaders

24 CSB Lecturers