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Youthpass and outcomes of the LTT1 part of the GSSLT Project

If you were to read the YouthPass Certificate issued to the participants of the first learning mobility foreseen by the GSSLT project, what would you find?
After every youth mobility, participants receive a certificate stating the competence acquisition completed during the project. It is based on the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning defined by the European Union, and on the specific competences tackled in the course of the project.

The Strategic Partnership project Gaming as a Social Skills Learning Tool used youth’s motivation in gaming as a resource to develop social skills. Working in groups of youth, the participant increased socialization, interaction experiences and participation in a community and improved self-confidence and self-esteem through gaming. At that point, the Learning Teaching Training Activity that took place in Soverato from from 27/02/22 to 04/03/22 served to evaluate the results obtained online but it also gave participants the opportunity to enhance other competences essential for each individual in a knowledge society.

Encouraged by ice-breaking activities with the objective to get to know each other and warm up the learning space, participants were able to express ideas, opinions, feelings and facts in foreign language.

The group dived into the heart of the project with activities like “Guess my skills” and “The Game of Real Life” to enable reflection on their abilities. The goal was to be able to apply achieved competences and experiences in personal, professional and social life. Focusing on the potential of the team, a lot of talents came up!

Following the principles of gamification, the international teams played engaging quiz-based games to foster the understanding of European common values.

Teamwork and the game ideated by Jump “Mission Impossible” were the perfect ingredients to learn about regional culture and expressions, but also to achieve awareness of own cultural context and the cultural context of others.

Finally the confident engagement with digital technologies for gaming was revealed with some tournaments of blind gaming in an atmosphere of enjoyment and healthy competition.

Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team