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While the job market has continued to rapidly evolve over the decades, our education system hasn’t. Students continue to learn the same subject areas in the same classroom setting. The goal of STEAM-based learning is to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in the future, thus allowing them to adapt to an evolving fast paced environment.

Today’s education system does not focus enough on teaching children to solve real-world problems and is not interdisciplinary, nor collaborative enough in its approach.
STEAM encourages higher levels of creativity and effectiveness when it comes to problem solving. Educating students in STEM subjects prepares students for life,
regardless of the profession they choose to follow.

Another important subject which needs to be introduced into the classroom is Coding. By teaching students coding, you are boosting their academic motivation and helping them develop their problem-solving skills. Furthermore, through coding kids learn how to fix problems and come up with solutions. Critical thinking skills are also exercised when
learning to code and enable kids to create products, therefore, increasing their self-esteem.

Moreover, coding helps kids to make a plan, organize tasks and follow the route. Being able to code is like a superpower that companies and top universities are already favouring.

Catherine Perri, professional trainer and expert in STEAM and Coding of JUMP TEAM