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TICO TRAINING. Teaching Is…Innovation, Communication And Outdoor Education

Innovation is a key word today in all sectors, especially in education. Teaching is a continuous progress of building and it crosses generations. In the past schools were a “world apart” from the reality of everyday life. Parents were sure that children were at school protected and safe by the school system and the question “what my child will do in the future” remained unanswered until the end of secondary school. We will see, we’ll see. Today is different. Reality and the school world have to be more linked and innovation has to characterize a teacher’s method and behavior.

TICO Training is an innovative structure of intensive training based on 3 pillars:

Innovation, Communication and Outdoor Education. 

Innovation is a broad concept but after many years of experimentation it’s connected with the use of technologies. One full day of the training is dedicated to explore different tools for digital education and tools for innovative teaching through technologies.

Communication is fundamental in teaching and one full day is dedicated to it, exploring different communication styles and techniques. 

Outdoor Education is the new trend and it’s fun. We are based in a lovely context which is Soverato, a city on the beach with amazing natural places. Outdoor Education helps to explore and experience, share, consolidate and embed learning. It’s relaxing and reduces stress. This training is the perfect combination between indoor and outdoors. The participants never stay in the same place and have the chance to practice in an environment which is similar to the class, in the training room, with all the support of internet and technologies and outdoors, in nature, out of their comfort zone. 



  • explore through Non Formal Education and Outdoor Education the main European guidelines on the topic of innovation in education and activate the confrontation among teachers
  • create a team of “European Innovative Teachers” who can cross subjects and create the best synergy fostering teachers cooperation
  • explore new technologies and understand better the impact of the digital transformation in teaching
  • develop communication skills and improving language skills and cultural expression
  • foster teachers’ awareness of their key role in Education in Europe and empower self esteem, self consciousness, enthusiasm and spirit of initiative in creating together new ideas and potential future projects.


To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link https://associazionejump.it/course/tico-training-teaching-is-innovation-communication-and-outdoor-education/