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TICO Training – Teaching is Innovation, Communication, and Outdoor Education

Are you looking for a new innovative way of teaching to engage your students?
Do you feel like innovating how you approach your students while teaching them? TICO course is the answer! It means: Teaching is Innovation, Communication, and Outdoor education.

JUMP Association Academy will give you a better understanding of why innovation is essential in our teaching, and how it could be vital in our daily life. Especially in education “Innovation” is a keyword. Especially for teachers, it is very important to keep up with the new generations, especially through the way we teach and we communicate with students.

Our TICO training course is an innovative intensive course that explores innovation in all its aspects. Sharing our experiences, our needs, and our thoughts help us better connect with others. We will help trainee teachers be good communicators and be aware of the importance of having the right skills when teaching our students also through Outdoor Education.
By the end of our TICO course, you will:
explore, through non-formal education, the main European guidelines on the subject.
create a team of “European Innovative Teachers”, taking part in the training and build bridges to continue to work together in the future (team building)
devote 4 full days to working with ICT in education
acquire competencies in video making (1 day), blogging (1 day), creating dynamic presentations, graphics, infographics (1 day), and web design (1 day).
implement the new competencies in groups directly in the classroom (in a local JUMP partner school), and work with Italian teachers and students.
get to know the Italian educational system and work with a local school to explore its life and organizational aspects (job observation)
learn new assessment methods in non-formal education and outdoor education
be aware of the importance of the teacher’s role in education in Europe and empower self-esteem, self-consciousness, enthusiasm, and spirit of initiative.
develop entrepreneurial skills and also explore the current labor market transversally at the global level
improve communication and language skills and expression
develop future ideas and possible synergies among participants for European projects

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to JUMP with us?
Written by Roberta Muratore – JUMP Trainer