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The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. A EUread&art booktrailer created by aunt and niece

Four book trailers have already been published by the couple’s aunt and the young 16 years old niece. This time the author of the book is a very important writer, Joel Dicker, from Switzerland but read worldwide. “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” is the million-copy bestseller published in 2014 based on a story developed in 640 pages. Not all readers would be able to read such a book. My niece, yes and I’m proud of her.
This is Alessia and she doesn’t like pictures so much but she loves books, big books of crime stories. Complicated stories, with many twists and turns and murders. But also love.
Many young people should be readers, loving peace and silence, less addicted to social media.
To read 640 pages you need time and moments of loneliness.
This book raised so much the attention of the public opinion that it was created as a series of movies in 2018 with the famous actor Patrick Dempsey as the co-protagonist. The series of 10 episodes makes the story even more intriguing thanks to a great cast of actors.
The story is about a young writer Marcus Goldman from New York who wrote his first book obtaining success but after this first one starts to have a writer’s crisis: the so-called block of the writer. He calls his ex university Professor, also writer and mentor, Harry Quebert and moves from the city to the place where he lives, the peaceful and quiet Aurora, on the ocean.
The young Marcus discovers an old story involving the Professor, a story of 30 years ago, a scandal.
He doesn’t find inspiration finally and goes back to New York but the story is not finished: the body of a young girl disappeared 30 years ago is found in the garden of the Professor and he is indicted as a double murderer of the girl and of another woman who died in the same night.

Enjoy watching the book trailer realized with a long work of planning of the concept, research of the images, attracting titles creating the right suspense.
We hope you like it!

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair of Joel Dicker

Author: Erika Gerardini, JUMP Team