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While walking around in Badolato, if you look well at the walls of some houses, by a corner, a square or next to an historical building, you will notice some tiles, made from clay. On it you can find sentences and names of the past local history of Badolato. They are placed at the place where something happened or somebody used to live.

One tile remembers Teresina, the obstetrician of the street where the tile is placed. Countless the Badolatesi children she helped to give birth to!

Another one remembers the famous “sciopero a rovescio” or strike backwards (13.10.1950 – 9.1.1951), when the population of Badolato choose to actively protest by making on its own a very important street connecting Badolato to the mountains.

This other recalls the earthquake of 1947 which destroyed a part of the village and the birth of Badolato Marina, where most of the Badolatesi moved to. Like most of the villages of the Ionian coast, from the top of the hill of the old village to the new village by the sea.

Or this one remembering Mother Lisa, a strong lady who had to grow up alone her many children, since her husband passed away very early. The tile had been placed in front of the house where she used to leave.

This one remembers the stable of Peppi, which nickname is pampaneriu. Every Badolatese family has got a nickname, so that each family member can be easily identified in the village.

This other remembers an evening where a man with some musicians and his friends played and sang a serenade to her beloved, it was the second March 1946:

There are many more tile, each of them recalling a life, a piece of history of Badolato. So that the history will hopefully not got forgotten.

Written by
Sonia Simpatico – JUMP Team

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