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Learning and programming is an exercise for your brain that eventually improves your problem-solving and logical ability. Learning to code will teach your students to understand this world, to solve the problems they encounter every day in their lives and that is the best thing they can do to change this world.

Coding tests a variety of abilities. Further, coding often helps people develop teamwork and interpersonal skills since software and application projects are often cross-disciplinary and collaborative.
Here are ten benefits for kids and teens to learn to code:
Coders are in high demand;
Coding gives you a competitive advantage;
Coding knowledge allows kids and teens to understand the world better;
Coding is satisfying and improves creativity;
Coding improves problem-solving;
Coding improves persistence.
Finally, STEM Education focuses on building the skills to solve real-life problems using a mixture of technology, science and logic, and the best way to teach children how to integrate technology and logic is to teach them to Code. This way, they learn to develop their own solutions and answers than using pre-existing ones.

Author. Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer