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The Roccella Jazz Festival – Rumori Mediterranei constitutes a milestone in the field of cultural events in Calabria, not only for the positive impact it continues to have on the territory and the local community, but also because it is the longest-running jazz festival in Italy, the only one to have been held continuously since 1980 (despite the enormous difficulties that have characterised some of its editions over the years).

The festival, (organised most often in August) takes its name from the place where it is held, Roccella Ionica, a small town in the province of Reggio Calabria, now known throughout the world precisely for having given life to this wholly original cultural product (thanks to the efforts of ex Senator Sisinio Zito, considered the founding father of the event), undoubtedly helping to bring this fragile territory out of a situation of absolute marginality in which it was in relation to national and international cultural life.

It is no coincidence that this event continues to stimulate a continuous influx of visitors who always arrive full of expectations (amply repaid) in this remote corner of the Calabrian Ionian coast, which still represents, in relation to its inhabitants, the area with the best offer of cultural spaces and events in the whole of Calabria.
Creativity and innovation are the ingredients that over the years have also attracted the big names on the Italian music scene, but above all many of the greatest jazz musicians of this era.
It would be impossible to list all the world-famous artists who have come to the splendid Calabrian location, but just to give you an idea, let us mention just two illustrious names that best sum up the prestige of the event:
Pat Metheny and Chick Corea.

There have also been countless accolades and recognitions in recent years from Italian and foreign newspapers, not only through specialised magazines (the US magazine Down Beat, the world’s most authoritative jazz publication, has countless times included the Roccella Jazz programme in its world guide to summer festivals) but also from major international newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, which in 2011 included the festival among the 12 cultural events not to be missed that summer in Europe.
It is no coincidence that the 42nd edition (held this year from 13 to 19 July) was also a success with the public.
Visit the official event website to find out all the news:

All that remains is to hope for the continuation of this electrifying and unique Festival, which every year proposes new ‘musical journeys’ immersed in the charm of an area contaminated by ideas and traditions, which has now become a place of experimentation and creativity.
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Roccella Jazz Festival: una “Buona Storia” che continua…


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