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The mission impossible in Soverato with Erasmus+ teachers

This week teachers coming from different EU countries participating in Erasmus+ project provided by JUMP association played a game called “The mission impossible” in the city centre of Soverato. The mission was to complete the 3 tasks related to Soverato and its cultural heritage.

The game started by splitting in 2 groups – “Waka Waka” and “I will survive”. It took place in the main street of Soverato where the key task was to communicate with Italian citizens in English. The most important thing was to have an attitude and not to be shy while approaching strangers.

Both gropus had 2 different tasks and the last one was the same. Even though it was a “competition”, the last task, which was to find out the nickname of the stone in the sea, was completed by both teams working together.

This mission impossible was possible to finish in a successful way. In the end, while walking in the sun and enjoying the nature, teams were learning about the cultural heritage, food and traditions of the city. Both teams learned something new and interesting about Soverato and its past and culture.

Article has been created thanks to students in traineeship by JUMP representing the Croatian partner “”EKONOMSKO-TURISTIČKA ŠKOLA from Karlovac (Croatia): NIKA JEŽ – NINA ŠTRANJGER”