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The Mini Initiative realized on 11/05/2023 for the Erasmus project “Pedagogy for Change”

On 11/05/2023 JUMP realized the mini initiative at the secondary school “I.I.S. Guarasci-Calabretta” of Soverato with 2 classes of students and their teachers. 

The activity was structured in 2 workshops of 2 hours realized during the morning outdoors. Students really appreciated this aspect and more than this, the use of Non Formal Education methods approached to Global Education. 28 students under 18 and 3 young teachers have been active players. 

The 2 activities have been:

for the first class, we played the “GoGoals” which is a game provided by the United Nation (you can search and download them online) in a personalized way. The JUMP trainers created materials and the game went very well. Students could learn about global issues, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. One of these is “Climate Change”, the most important in recent years and the one on which young generations care more. It’s connected with others like migration, hunger, poverty… 

Students learn a lot playing and competing, answering sets of questions divided into small groups.

The second activity has been the game “Take a step forwards” proposed by the Council of Europe in the manual of Global Education titled “Compass” (Manual on Human Rights). 

The students play this role game. They receive the roles by the trainers and these roles reflect other young people’s lives in different parts of the world. Not easy lives but also very easy lives. They have to imagine themselves in these roles and take a step, answering questions of the trainer, if they think they can do an action.

Students learn a lot with these tools and thanks to the animation of professional trainers, like Mrs Erika Gerardini, who is really experienced and committed in this field. 

The cooperation of the teachers has been fundamental and very important. We all worked in English, sharing and reflecting on our process of learning in the globalized world. 

The project “Pedagogy for Change” has been the framework of this mini initiative and we presented results and what the other partners are doing in parallel in Poland, Spain and Portugal. 

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