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The Importance Of Sport For A Healthy Lifestyle

Sport is considered one of the most important wheels for the development of life among young people, it plays a very important role in training, development and education. Sport is also knowing how to organize yourself, because you have to hurry up with your homework and everything else to go to training; moreover it is also a sacrifice because before allying oneself one must have an adequate diet.
Sports aspects:
– the first aspect of sport is the relationship with the body, i.e. being aware of one’s limit, but also committing oneself to going beyond it.
– Another essential aspect is the time we spend in sport, consistency in training is very important.

Sport is compelling also because it makes us rejoice, exult or sadden others together.

Today’s teenagers are increasingly allergic to sports; according to what the survey conducted recently states, around 40% of Italian adolescents, aged between 13-16, do not practice any type of sport. This is blamed on new technologies; kids spend hours glued to the screen of their mobile phone, computer or television. The consequences of those who do not play sports and do not follow a correct diet are overweight and obesity.

Davide Vittorio Sestito, participant to Health is Wealth project