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The importance of sharing knowledge and discovering the european cultural heritage

The training week in June 2021 on behalf of the Erasmus Plus course “European Heritage as a Pedagogical and Integration Tool” by Associazione JUMP – Gioventù in riSALTO of Soverato (CZ) – Italy, was the perfect opportunity for teachers coming from different countries, background and experiences to discover the EU guidelines on Cultural Heritage and explore methods to valorize it in teaching, fighting prejudices and creating inclusive approaches to break barriers and common cultural walls.

The team of Polish and Slovenian teachers could speak about their european projects, the implementation and the follow up, finding connections among different experiences and discovering the importance of valorizing, documenting and digitizing with new competences, the cultural heritage, the historical and cultural roots to develop European Citizenship competences in students and educate them to understand diversity and the importance of an intercultural approach to life.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.
Marcurs Garvey

Written by
Ylenia Azzaro – JUMP Team