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The Immacolata Church of Badolato – Calabria (Italy)

The Immacolata Church is one of the 11 churches that you can find in Badolato and probably the most eye-catching, because of its beautiful location at the foot of the village. It is dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I used to visit this quiet, magical place almost every morning. Standing in front of the Immacolata Church, you are surrounded by natural beauty: the seashore landscape, the vivid green orange and olive groves, birds playing in the sky, the torrent Vodà flowing underneath the hill on which the church is built. After a storm in springtime, enchanting fragrances of fennel and helichrysum fill the air.

The church itself is also worth a visit: it was built in 1686 and restored in 1859. You can read both dates on its granitic portal chiseled by a stonecutter from Serra San Bruno. The octagonal shape of its cupola, which is covered with ciaramidi (dialect for terracotta tiles), is quite rare, and at the outside wall you can find a picture of the Immaculate Virgin tiled with majolica.

During the celebrations for the Immaculate Virgin on December 8th, the church is open and you can admire its interior, among which the painting of “La Vergine Immacolata in gloria”.
The meditative energy of this special place will surely be felt by every visitor who dares to walk down the steep stairs to get to the church. Many dreams, including mine, have started right there…

Written by
Sonia Simpatico, JUMP Team

Antonio Gesualdo, La real chiesa dell’Immacolata concezione di Badolato, Jason Editrice, Reggio Calabria, 1993

Franco Muià, Badolato