OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

The first Learning Teaching Training within GSSLT, the Erasmus+ Project about gaming

Youths and gaming have come to stay, and instead of considering it as a problem, we can consider it as an opportunity
Gaming as Social Skills Learning Tool is an Erasmus+ project, a collaborative partnership with institutions from Italy, Norway, Turkey, Spain and Poland that stems from the idea of using non-formal education as a learning tool and an opportunity for personal growth and social skills development of young people.

After the experimental phase that took place online and consisted of a series of 6 meetings during which 24 gamers, some under the guidance of the figure of the e-coach, played different games with or against each other, the next step was the Learning Teaching Training organized by the JUMP Association of Soverato that took place from 27/02/22 to 04/03/22. The aim was for gamers to finally be able to meet and live the experience in first person taking the opportunity to strengthen and develop new skills and investigate the effectiveness of the project developments obtained.

In fact through questionnaires filled out at the end of each session, they evaluated each time different skills that belongs to 5 macro-categories: socialization, interaction experience, participation in community, self confidence, self-esteem.

This mobility has been useful in measuring and improving project outputs but also giving direction and inspiration for further research and development to support the target group. Moreover, it strengthened the international integration of the project group: learning about other cultures, boosting linguistic competences were additional benefits of the cooperation. Through the activities the participants obtained new knowledge, necessary for project results and personal development.

With this mobility the participants:
-provided plausibility for project’s results
–had more sensitivity on assessing their own skills and realizing their strengths and weaknesses
– made new friendships from other nationalities
– empowered their awareness comparing their local situation with other EU contexts
– shared knowledge and competences
– discovered more about Calabrian cultural heritage and the Italian partner JUMP
– supported the intellectual output of the project

Find below the gallery with the highlights of the week!

Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team