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The experience of Pietro Saltatetti as a trainer for JUMP – From the 8th to the 12th of May 2023

As a trainer in Media and Information Literacy for the JUMP organization I had the pleasure of working with multiple people from different countries. In particular in the latest session I had three students in my class, one German and two Portuguese teachers. Regarding the MIL section of the laboratory I decided to focus on the necessary skills that a person has to develope to become an informed citizen, skills like knowing when you are becoming the victim of an algorithm or the ability to differentiate between fake news from the truth and to distinguish misinformation and disinformation. I’ve also decided to make really clear that in this day and age being an aware netizen is something that requires time, effort and willpower: you can’t be an informed citizen by being lazy.
After the introduction on how media work and how informations are spread around the world, we covered the basics of filmmaking: how to frame a shot, how different camera lenses work and how to tell a story that conveys a message, so that the participants of my laboratory could start working on their own short movie; then, after writing the subject and having a clear goal in mind we went outside to film it and then editing it. The two short movies made by the participants were later screened and were well received by the whole staff and other participants.

Author – Pietro Saltatetti