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“Everyone in this country should learn how toprogram because it teaches you how to think” –
– Steve Jobs.

The benefits of Coding in school and how to teach it is becoming an increasingly important part of the school curriculum.
One of the most important goals in education is to prepare students for their future careers. Over the last two decades, coding and programming have emerged as two of the most desirable skills for employers.
To adapt to an everchanging job market, schools should adjust their curriculum and incorporate coding. Coding is fast becoming one of the most important subjects taught in schools. Here are five reasons why it should be taught in every school today: Coding is the new literacy, coding prepares you for the future job market, coding develops problem- solving skills, coding instils perseverance furthermore it improves language skills.
Though coding is highly beneficial in schools it poses new challenges to teachers so in order to maximize the effectiveness of coding in your classroom, the following tips may be useful: teachers are encouraged to use live demonstrations, peer to peer instructions, allow students to master one language at a time, enable students to solve problems and not just code.

Written by:
Catherine Perri – JUMP Team