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TEACHING IS COMMUNICATION. Developing Positive Communication Skills For Teachers

Anyone can talk, but those who can talk well have a clear advantage. Knowing what to say, when and how to say it, and to whom to say it can go a long way. However, communication is not just about speech and sounds. Communication also includes things like listening, body language, cultural awareness, and general social skills, which are the most important part of communication.

Some people talk all the time but never stop to listen. Such people are usually not good communicators because they do not understand that there are two parties involved in every act of communication. The most important part of communication is listening, not talking. An effective communication strategy should be based on feedback from the person to whom the message is directed. In addition, the strategy should include tips and techniques for good listening and encourage behaviors such as active listening.

Teaching is based on communication, and a teacher who communicates effectively with students is a great teacher. Communication in the classroom is more complex and unpredictable than in many other situations. As a teacher, it is very important to understand the unique characteristics and functions of classroom communication. Teacher communication strategies can help improve the relationship between parents and teachers. They can also turn a mediocre teacher into every student’s favorite. Even in atypical cases, such as working with a child with a learning disability, communication strategies for teachers can help create a better bond between teacher and student.

However, communication strategies for teachers go beyond the classroom and can be applied to parents as well.


  • Foster the use of many communication styles in teaching
  • Learn how to combine classical teaching methods and new trendy communication methods, enriched by Non Formal Education and Positive Psychology
  • Improve the relationships at school among the different people working together: teachers, school directors, students and parents
  • Make teaching more engaging and appealing with new communication style supported by the use of technologies
  • Improve lesson plans empowered by a new communicational approach.


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