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TEACHING IN A GLOBAL CULTURAL CLASS ENVIRONMENT. The Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) Approach

The idea of this training is a brand new initiative of JUMP matured thanks to the cooperation with many schools all around Europe and hundreds of teachers who participated in our courses along the years. They shared their concerns of the reality of today-school environment in the Globalized era. We can’t now avoid dealing with the situation in our classes. Teachers are on deadline with different types of migration phenomena: despite the fact that nativity is lower and lower, from other places in the world many new types of students are entering “multicultural classes”. Not just kids in pre-schools and primary schools but also new teenagers and adult learners. The same teachers’ staff are changing with new colleagues with migrant backgrounds and different skills different from the common and well-known European framework.

It’s more and more necessary to empower teachers’ multicultural attitudes and perspective taking ability in what it’s called “CRT: Culturally Responsive Teaching”.

“The unfavorable educational position of ethically minoritized students has been attributed to a mismatch between home and school culture” (Phalet, et, al, 2004). 

Teaching in a multicultural class is a challenge which started a long time ago and new generations (the Erasmus generation of former teachers) are facing a more facilitated approach but nowadays having different cultures in class is structural and part of the daily life of the whole society. It’s not enough to speak about diversity and being able to distinguish between intercultural and multicultural. The impact of social media and the interrelation with the changing communication are factors which have to characterize more teachers training and give more opportunities for teachers to become professional mediators. In terms of students’ performance, it seems evident that students with a migrant background suffer more and are disadvantaged. A personalized teaching path is still not possible for lack of resources. 

This course explores some parts of Global Education from the practical point of view and different tools existing in the recent literature regarding this topic titled “TEACHING IN A GLOBAL CULTURAL CLASS ENVIRONMENT. The Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) approach. 



  • Understand this new method emerged in the last years thanks to important phenomena affecting our daily lives and in particular the educational sector
  • Learn about the actual theoretical frame and literature referring to Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)
  • Share different teaching situations where multicultural experiences are present and teachers have to deal with them
  • Experience new approaches and challenges for teachers in the actual multicultural class
  • Explore new types of lesson plans combining Non Formal Education, Outdoor Education and Global Education.


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