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TEACHING EUROPE. The EU, Its Function, And New Priorities Towards 2030

This is one of the top courses in the JUMP catalog because JUMP is a team of experts in EU studies and EU funding programs. As project designers and trainers we know the European Union, from the historical, geographical, institutional, and current framework perspective. As we work with EU Programs, we need to be updated daily and also evolve ourselves as a team that promotes awareness of the EU and citizenship. The EU is a plurality of many elements and it is also part of our lives because its policies influence our national policies, with more or less impact. Everything we do is always transversally about teaching Europe and we develop EU policies in all actions and activities at local, regional, and international levels.

We developed this training because the so-called “European Citizenship Education” (ECE) is already structured in many free tools provided by the European Commission, but we offer a broader proposal to combine the so-called “education about the EU” with better knowledge also of how the functioning of the EU is linked to policies and funds. Funds are opportunities and all citizens should have access to them. 

Our training is aimed at teachers of all levels, and depending on the level, we treat the contents and modules differently. 

Knowing the EU today can be taught by teachers to children and by teachers to students. The contents can be adapted by teachers depending on their target groups. Our training focuses on providing a very detailed overview and knowledge of the current European Union and giving teachers access to the main sources where they can find information and pedagogical tools. JUMP has also developed useful tools over the years, thanks to the Erasmus Plus projects developed with schools and teachers from all over Europe. 

The training is also a good opportunity to get to know the Erasmus Plus Program better, both in terms of the general functioning of the “European machinery” of the funds (MFF) and the long-term vision of the objectives of the new strategies 2021-2027 or 2020-2030. 


  • Learn about the EU framework referred to teaching about the EU, official documents and guidelines, online sources
  • Understand to which target groups address the topic and which tools are more adapt and suitable
  • Tailor activities in order to combine the official contents to creative ways of teaching and engaging students
  • Explore different lesson plans and methodologies of teaching about the EU using Non Formal
  • Education and Outdoor Education
  • Share with teachers from other countries the importance of teaching about the EU at each level and the cooperation among colleagues.

To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link  https://associazionejump.it/course/teaching-europe-the-eu-its-function-and-new-priorities-for-2021-2027/