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Storytelling as a Bridge Between the Virtual and the Sensory. The Erasmus Plus trainining by JUMP

What does Storytelling mean?
How can it be powerful for people?
Why might it be so important in our lives?

As far as we know, stories have always been told by people.
Essentially, a story expresses how and why life changes. It begins with a situation where life is relatively in balance, and then there is an event that throws life out of balance. The story then describes how the protagonist’s subjective expectations meet an uncooperative objective reality in an effort to restore balance. A good storyteller describes what it is like to deal with these opposing forces and challenges the protagonist to dig deeper, work with scarce resources, make difficult choices, act despite risks, and ultimately discover the truth. All great storytellers since the dawn of time—from the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare and up to the present day—have grappled with this fundamental conflict between subjective expectation and cruel reality.

It has been said that “Storytelling is inseparable from humankind”;
Telling fairy tales and stories is an integral part of every childhood: a portal through which the child enters the world of the literary word, but also the world of human experience, both the experience of civilization and personal experience.

The Jump Academy is offering a new course:
Storytelling as a Bridge Between the Virtual and the Sensory

An immersion process into the story in which the storyteller uses techniques to evoke different sensations in the listener, providing a deeper sense of immersion. A way to create richer representations by engaging different senses.

Our course will give you an understanding of:
why storytelling is so powerful, and why it is considered an ancient art to express the inner world.
How to immerse yourself in the intimate nature of another being and experience life through your mind and senses!
How to engage your students in a narrative and teach them valuable lessons in the areas of: natural living, morality, civic education, emotions, communication and much more!
how to engage students in critical thinking, new research projects and exploration of ideas.
why storytelling is an excellent way to integrate informal education into your curriculum.
Jump’s main goal is to equip preschool teachers with a kit of methods and tools presented online and created by us for participants to become visual storytellers for their kids.

What are you waiting for?
JUMP with us!

Author: Roberta Muratore, JUMP team