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Skillful Futures. 12th August, the International Day of Youth

The special edition of the Regional Funds Online Magazine

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In the occasion of the 12th August, the International Day of Youth, we are honored to present you our (second) Special Edition.

This year, having closed 2022 with the European Year of Youth, we have witnessed the launch of the European Year of Skills, an initiative aimed at promoting lifelong learning, enhancing digital and green skills, and fostering inclusive skill development. 

With ‘Skillful Futures’, we delve into the crucial role of trainers, mentors, youth workers – thanks to the contributions of the Funds for Youth Employment and Regional Cooperation Projects –, and various organisations in shaping the future of Europe’s youth by enhancing their skills and nurturing their potential (EC, OECD, ILO, ETF, EESC, CoR, FAFO, CEDEFOP). 

Our actions today shape the world our young people will inherit tomorrow. Thanks to every contribution collected here for demonstrating the need to continue working together, fostering collaborative efforts, policy interventions, and mentorship programmes to create a future where every young person has access to quality skills development opportunities. Together, we can empower our youth, bridge the skills gap, and build a society where no one is left behind. 

Once I was’, a great and highly significative poem written by our Friend Tom Mc Grath will welcome you. 

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