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Short presentation by Claudia Mellace, participant to the mobility in Brussels for the CIYOU project

From May 26th to May 31st, 2023 will take place in Brussels the mobility for the “CI-YOU Circular Economy Youth Leaders” project.
Claudia Mellace is one of the selected young people for the JUMP Team.

Here her short presentation.

I’m Claudia, I’m a political science student and I deal with youth representation for the University of Calabria within the teacher-student joint and didactic commission of the department of political, economic and social sciences. I have lived for associationism since I was little, I have always been involved in the cultural activities of my city and I believe that Jump represents everything that my country lacked in terms of culture, education, internationalization and growth. As soon as I read about the possibility of participating in this new project, I immediately applied! This experience fits perfectly with my course of study and environmental issues, applied to economic sciences, represent some of my major interests. I started my journey with jump a year ago by dealing with these issues and developing them at a European level in one of the contexts that is closest to my heart at a political level, which makes me enthusiastic. Learning to transform your own ideas into something concrete is not obvious and I believe that this project is the key to transforming personal skills into economic skills applicable to the world of work. I cannot wait to start!