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School as a center of business development: JUMP Training on Entrepreneurship Financial Education

Teachers, parents, and students should develop entrepreneurial skills and work together in synergy acting as potential entrepreneurs: networking, creating a long-term vision, innovating, and training minds to use divergent thinking.

Are you looking to foster the growth of these competencies useful to improve situations of lower development and linked with the European labor market?

In this training course, an experienced team of trainers dives into the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship education, also called Financial education, to support the existence of a culture of entrepreneurship and to empower your skills by being involved in practical activities, short excursions and interaction with local partners, especially schools of the territory.

You will learn:
What is entrepreneurship education
Practices of JUMP Erasmus projects developing entrepreneurial/business education in educators and youths
All topics connected to business education
New trends in economy and business
How to design your way of learning and transfer it to daily teaching
This training is a great fit for any kind of teacher working in a public or private school or educational institutions who want to learn with a strategic balance between formal and nonformal education, indoor and outdoor education and most importantly intercultural learning.

By the end of the sessions, you’ll be able as an educator to develop a progressive program of business education that will help students, the new workforce of the business sectors, reach a level of understanding and practice which can be the key for the future professional development.

JUMP on board and discover the full program or check our training proposal for your Erasmus K1 Project!