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S.O.S. European citizenship Education. Teaching Europe at school and be more “European”

Have you ever thought about including the subject of European Citizenship in your school or even integrating this topic into your subject?
Are you confused?
Here we are!
S.O.S. European Citizenship Education is the answer!

The JUMP Training Academy offers a special course whose goal is to promote European principles and objectives to open the awareness of teachers and students and make them aware of its importance on a global level.
S.O.S. ECE Education in action is a brand new training!
Our course will give you a general overview of EU guidelines and policies, create a common knowledge base and promote a positive sense of community and critical spirit.

One of the most important aspects of our course is the way it is submitted.
Schools today are still very formal, and teachers sometimes do not have the chance to improve the way they can propose their topics to students.
Teachers need to be able to make their lessons engaging, international, transversal, and fun.
Non-Formal Education and innovative approaches, especially those that imply breaking barriers and common cultural walls, are our teaching methods.

For years, JUMP has been running a project called: “We School Europe” involving many schools in Europe, developing a training package with tools and lesson plans that can be shared by teachers to adapt them to each specific context.
As with all JUMP training, part of the session will take place in local schools to work directly with teachers and students.

By the end of the course you will know:
what it means “Europe in school”.
the importance of European Citizenship Education
how you can become more “European Teachers” and start a new teaching process that expands the network and opens minds, creates cooperation, innovative skills, and competencies.

With the title S.O.S., we want to give teachers a “tool kit”: Lessons, ideas, methods, practical and technological games, etc.
ECE Education is cross-curricular and can be taught at different levels, including debates (if it is a secondary school). This subject can enrich the curriculum with innovative European lessons.

Trainee teachers can be teachers working in public or private schools or educational institutions.
Depending on the starting level of knowledge of the trainees, this course is structured to be versatile. Moreover, in line with the Jump Academy teaching methodology standards, this course, like all our courses, tries to balance formal and non-formal education, performed indoors and outdoors.
JUMP always tries to enhance the fundamental aspect of international mobility which is intercultural learning implemented through various interesting activities.

Come and join our course on S.O.S. European citizenship Education
A brand new training to train teachers to teach Europe at school and be more “European”.

Are you ready to JUMP?

Author: Roberta Muratore, JUMP Team