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How can we take advantage of digital progress at school? Easy! By using digital methods, tools and platforms we can add value to education and increase its effectiveness.
The key purpose of digitalisation isn’t in fact just “to go digital”, but to reimagine the current education and training processes with the help of digital technologies.

And what about inclusion?
Digitalisation supports the quest for social inclusion and can be used to tackle existing inequalities. It is seen as having a great potential for inclusion and inclusive education, meaning by this that everyone, both not-disabled and disabled people (including those with special needs), learns together. Digitalisation contributes to promote equal participation allowing teachers to design and customize the learning material in order to be accessible for every student, from those with sensory impairment to those who need more time to perform a task. It provides opportunities for participation for young people with disabilities and channels of integration for migrant communities.

Teachers and students must work to make sure all learners feel welcome and valued and digitalisation is one of the available means through which they can achieve this purpose.

Here with JUMP we do ensure that our guests understand the importance of these tools and learn how to properly use them during their lectures according to the typologies of students they take care of.

What are you waiting for? Come and attend one of our courses on digitalisation!

Written by
Giulia Tarantino – JUMP Trainer