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Project-based learning (PBL) is a student-centred pedagogy which involves a dynamic classroom approach where it is believed that students acquire more in -depth knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. Students learn about a subject by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, challenge, or problem. It is a style of active learning and inquiry-based learning. PBL differentiates itself from paper-based, memorization, learning established facts taught in textbooks or following straightforward paths to gain knowledge of a subject rather than posing questions, problems or scenarios.

Educators believe that PBL is an essential key to increasing student success and long-term growth. The combination of collaboration, reflection, and individual decision-making gives the students a fitting scenario to real-world situations that they will face as they mature. Moreover, the authenticity of PBL allows students to voice their personal interests, concerns, or issues that are significant parts of their lives. Instead of a pre-determined project or assignment, students can witness the issues or concerns in their community/school/ city or discover one that they find particularly interesting, and brainstorm ways to address or solve the problem.

Finally, by applying the PBL method in the classroom, students acquire problem-solving skills, they learn to think in a creative and innovative way and at the same time boost their self-confidence.

Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer