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Presentation by Andrea Jeanne Julio, participant to the mobility in Brussels for the CIYOU project

From May 26th to May 31st, 2023 will take place in Brussels the mobility for the “CI-YOU Circular Economy Youth Leaders” project.
Andrea Jeanne Julio is one of the selected young people for the JUMP Team.

Here her short article.

My name is Andrea Jeanne Julio, i’m 21 years old and i study modern languages and cultures in Rende. I also did a childcare course. I have worked in various sectors as a babysitter and waitress. Often working in teams, I had to coordinate the activities of several people across different sectors, actively developing communication and problem solving skills. I love travelling and discovering new people and cultures. I enjoy interacting with others.

In my opinion the meeting was very interesting and enlighting, because it served as a way to meet and get to know the people I would travel overseas with, and know more about the project.
I was a bit nervous before the meeting but the spokesperson was incredibly polite and provided clear information, familiarising us with the project.
So I felt at ease during the meeting.
Regarding the site, I believe that is very well-structured. However the security needs to be improved, since anyone could access the site without actually being part of the project. The lessons were simple but substantial, wholly definite, not only talking about our current situation like how the European Green Deal is trying to incorporate green transition in EU, but also laid out ways to ” foster sustainable economic growth ” and its benefits. The activities were also very significant, inciting the person to be more self-aware of their surroundings and revising what was learned in those lessons.