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OUTDOOR LEARNING. Teachers and staff team building-working together and build cooperation projects

Team building is probably the best way to build collaborative and high-performing teams, whose collaborative work will have an impact on the school and consequently on student performance.
Through this course the JUMP Training Academy proposes some of the main ways that are considered to be valid and effective in building team spirit among teachers (which is crucial in dealing with all sorts of obstacles that may be encountered along the school journey).
We can have the best teachers and tools in the world, but if we do not have a coherent approach to learning and effective teams, then our teaching will have limited impact.
Therefore, the focus will be on improving team performance through design and leadership, stemming the confusion that can arise about the roles to be led, the relationships to be undertaken and the skills that each person can bring to bear on the others.

Target Group
Teachers can be any kind of teacher working in a public or public school or in educational institutions.
In addition, this course is also designed for managers and team leaders who wish to focus on an in-depth analysis of the various stages of team development in order to positively address the inherent challenges.
Our courses are always based on a strategic balance between formal and non-formal education, indoor and outdoor education and our team always tries to enhance a very important aspect of international mobility which is intercultural learning implemented through interesting and varied activities.

Key objectives
In this training, teachers will learn strategies and facilitation techniques to build great teams and create successful team dynamics. Leadership techniques for local and virtual teams are included.
All participants will focus on developing those skills that improve communication and trust, which are crucial to ensure that team members share goals, so that they can plan, communicate, execute and deliver their work effectively.

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