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OUTDOOR EDUCATION To Improve Pupils’ Participation And Prevent School Drop-Out

Outdoor education is an innovative teaching method in which daily school moments are carried out of the classroom and into your neighborhood or a local area of interest. Outdoor learning implies regular and purpose-driven activities outside of the class.

O.E. has now a literature with theories and practices, manuals and research, new experiences and examples of existing networks. 

The working method allows students to use their bodies and senses in learning activities that expose them to the real world for personal and hands-on experiences. Outdoor learning provides space for academic activities, communication, social interaction, experiences, spontaneity, play, curiosity, and imagination. Outdoor education is covering all school subjects in an integrated education where outdoor and indoor activities are closely linked. Students learn in an authentic context: this means learning about nature in nature, about society in society, and the local environment within the local environment. (Jordet 1998:24).

During the activity week (6 days), participants work in direct contact with the local natural contexts experiencing various opportunities to practice outdoor activities in order to integrate new activities into their own teaching routines. The main method connected with Outdoor education is the so-called Non-Formal education. The program also includes activities in other social spaces in the city of Soverato like countyeards of partner schools, local libraries or the green spaces in front of the beach.

Due to the particular location of JUMP on the Ionian coast, we pay special attention to environmental issues and attitudes protecting the sea and our beautiful natural landscapes. 

After an opening day, the training participants will learn the basics in theory and practice of Outdoor education, which has a long tradition but also different perspectives at local, European, and global levels. You can usually spend two core days of the week in a local school.

JUMP always structures its training to develop transversal competencies such as: 

  • creativity
  • the spirit of initiative
  • flexibility towards change, motivation, passion, and open-mindedness. Outdoor Lessons and the general outdoor approach go far beyond spaces and materials. They imply a change in school habits, and teachers leave their “comfort zone” – the safe and protected classroom. 

Below are five fundamental reasons why we believe outdoor learning improves educational outcomes for all.

  1. Children’s mental health and well-being improve.
  2. Children’s relationship with nature improves.
  3. Education is more inclusive.
  4. Curriculum learning is improved.
  5. The development of the child is enhanced.

This training represents the perfect combination of different elements, from theories to real practice. It’s mainly developed in outdoor environments.


  • Understand different terms, definitions and approaches in the literature of outdoor education/outdoor learning, experiential, adventure learning
  • Learn about the European and the global framework, the EU documents and guidelines and the connection with the Green Deal
  • Experience tools and methods using concretely outdoor activities learning with other teachers
  • Understand the differences of the target groups, benefits of using outdoor education, especially fighting drop out and ensuring inclusion
  • Develop different types of lesson plans experimenting creativity, critical thinking and working in nature.


To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link https://associazionejump.it/course/outdoor-education/