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Outdoor Education to enhance pupils participation – JUMP ACADEMY

According to EU guidelines and recommendations in the educational field, it’s fundamental to enrich the didactic with new activities. Outdoor learning can serve this purpose.

Outdoor lessons and in general, the outdoor approach go much beyond spaces and materials, they imply a change in school habits and teachers go out of their “comfort zone”, the safe and protected environment of the class… but any external environment can support outdoor learning, or provide details relevant for curricular learning!
The pupils learn in an authentic context: that is, they learn about nature in nature, about society in the society and about the local environment in the local environment. (Jordet 1998:24)

Participants will discover the benefits and feasibility of this approach by joining the Outdoor Labs and collaborating with colleagues and children from local schools in the social spaces of the city of Soverato, in local libraries or in the green spaces in front of the beach.

After this dynamic and interactive training they’ll be able to apply methodological approaches, theories and practices of Outdoor Education according to their School Program, out of the classroom and using Non Formal Education.

If you want to develop key competences for lifelong learning, creating your own learning pathway, plan your session at JUMP ACADEMY! #JUMPwithUS

Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP