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Our PBL course at a glance. An article about the last training session in Soverato by JUMP 

Amazing participants from France and the Netherlands were trained in the week 21-27/04/2024 with an innovative program on Project Based Learning (PBL) by their trainer, Katarzyna Oklesińska!

What Participants Learned:


Explored the foundational principles of PBL

Designed authentic, real-world projects

Shifted to a student-centered teaching approach

Fostered collaborative teamwork and effective communication

Enhanced project outcomes using digital tools and multimedia

Developed methods for assessing student learning in a PBL framework

Learnt to engage with local organizations to promote civic engagement

Reflected on and evaluated their own pedagogical approaches

Highlights of the Course Programme:

  1. Introduction to PBL and its key components
  2. Advantages of PBL for students and teachers
  3. Essential PBL project design elements
  4. Reflective practices and feedback in PBL
  5. Formative and summative assessment
  6. PBL inspirations and project planners
  7. AI-assisted PBL project implementation
  8. Planning ready-to-implement PBL projects

👏 Congratulations to all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the course! Keep an eye out for future events and opportunities to continue your journey in innovative teaching methodologies!

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