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Online training seminar for European teachers

Following one of our mobility programs centered on “special educational needs” and “coaching and mentoring,” our participants felt that the time spent together wasn’t enough and an extra training moment was asked for. That’s how our “Online seminar for European teachers” event came to be!

Two hours of in-depth training to understand difficulties and possible accomodations of and for students with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Changing perspective, from disorder to neuro divergence.
Finally covering the topic of coaching and mentoring, differences between the two methods, how to foster a growth mindset and efficient communication to create a trustful learning environment.

Overall we can consider the experience a success, yet at JUMP, we want our trainings to be of the best quality and are already exploring the possibility for improvement. This could be the first milestone of many others toward an online Jump academy. Stay tuned not to miss our future online events and lectures.

Here some pictures of the meeting!

Author: Giuseppe Perrotti, JUMP Trainer