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As the world changes, so do the methods we use to educate students. It’s no secret that technological developments have been coming at a rapid pace in the past few decades, and because of this, educational technology is changing. Integrating technology into your lessons can benefit and support not only learning but also teaching. Technology provides a more engaging learning environment.

Furthermore, it prepares students for the future and also helps students better connect with their peers and teachers. Technology is a great way to encourage and facilitate discussion among students and teachers. Another advantage of technology is the fact that students learn better when they have access to technology. Technology offers a vast variety of techniques which can aid teachers convey the lesson material in order to reach as many students as they can.

There are countless ways in which technology can be used in the classroom, ranging from social media to gamification. What are you waiting for, start your new teaching adventure , turn to technology in order to refresh your teaching styles and engage your students more.

Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer