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ONLINE TEACHING. Supporting teachers to face the new frontiers of the digital transformation

Do you know why “Teaching with technology” has become so important today to overcome the new frontiers of digital transformation?
As we know, technology has evolved in various aspects of our lives. Especially after the Covid pandemic, we realized how important it is for teachers and students to keep up with the times and be updated with the digital era.
As technological advancements drive globalization and digital transformation, Jump Academy aims to balance the use of digital tools to ensure teachers have a good quality of the necessary digitization process of our lives and also to help students acquire the necessary skills to be successful in their professional future.

With this course, we foster what the new agenda of the EU is promoting as the “digital Europe programme” (2021-2027), a new EU funding programme for digital technology that will provide strategic funding to support projects in five areas: supercomputing, AI, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills and ensuring a wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society, including through Digital Innovation Hubs.

If you want to contribute to educating future generations to face their future jobs and use the web properly, being creators and not passive users, if you want to be aware of the importance and how beneficial involving students in this mutual learning process is,
“ONLINE TEACHING” course is the answer!

COME AND JOIN OUR COURSE in Soverato, Italy!

Trainee teachers can be teachers working in public or private schools or educational institutions. Depending on the starting level of knowledge of the trainees, this course is structured to be versatile.
Moreover, in line with the Jump Academy teaching methodology standards, this course, like all our courses, tries to balance formal and non-formal education, performed indoors and outdoors.
JUMP team always tries to enhance the fundamental aspect of international mobility which is intercultural learning implemented through various interesting activities.

JUMP with US!

Author: Roberta Muratore, JUMP Team