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How to find a balance.
Supporting teachers to face the new frontiers of the digital transformation

How have you managed your online teaching, especially after the Covid pandemic?
How did you find the right balance in what has now become the real “digital transformation” in education?
Nowadays, online teaching has become even more challenging for many teachers and professional trainers.

Have you ever thought about improving teaching and developing social skills through Games?
Here we are!
JUMP Academy trainers enable you to deepen your knowledge.
You will start defining the differences between so-called game-based learning and gamification to promote engagement and motivation when teaching.
You will learn the meaning of what the EU defines as “digital transformation” and how to introduce and adapt this process to the lives of teachers and students.

With this course, we aim to explore practices and tools to help teachers find their way and develop a school strategy to address online teaching post-pandemic as digitalization continues in the EU.
Thanks to the new EU agenda, the above-mentioned “digital transformation” is supported and funded, not only for teachers but especially for young people who are already “digital natives”, albeit in a disorganized and worrying way.
Online teaching is not just teaching via video and delivering lessons online. It is much more than what it used to be.
It means teaching and educating future generations on new skills so they can face their future work and use the Internet properly by being creators rather than passive users.

Our ONLINE TEACHING – GAMIFICATION & GAME-BASED LEARNING is a course that explores current tools to enhance teaching and learning. It is structured to provide an overview and enable participants to feel part of a community of change while ensuring quality content and learning.

If you would like to investigate the topic of gaming, apply for this training or discover our catalogue where you can choose from a wide range of training proposals!

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Author: Roberta Muratore, JUMP Team