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New challenges for a new year for Natural Born Teachers project’s participants

The year 2024 is going to be a very intense, challenging and enriching one for all those involved in Natural Born Teachers project.
Since our first Meeting in Portugal our motto has been APRENDEMOS JUNTOS, Learning together… and on 24th January we will meet for the first online meeting of the year, the third in the series of six follow-up meetings planned within the Blended learning path of the project.

The teachers from Portugal, Estonia and Italy who participated in the project’s first in presence training will be joined online by new teachers who will participate in the next mobility, starting to connect and experience together the topics of the project and the preparation for the LTT2 in Estonia, in March 2024. The event will be hosted by the local partner school in Tallinn, and will be focused on Pre-school education and Tallinna Manni Kindergarden experience on heart based education and bullying prevention in early age.

Later on, the third and last training week in presence, LTT3, will be held in Italy in Calabria region, in May 2024, hosted by the project’s leading organization, JUMP Association, in collaboration with the local school IC Montepaone, with a fruitful synergy that is being strengthened during this project together.

All the participating teachers and school staff from the 3 partner countries are also developing other project activities foreseen to support the development of their competences and the effectiveness of the initiatives with a broader impact in their organizations.
At the end of the project each involved teacher will have tested the Learning Path at the local level in Italy, Portugal and Estonia, and contributed to the creation of a Training Toolkit either with a lesson plan or writing a success story regarding their experience, in order to collect real case studies and inspiring stories to be diffused, explaining also how they overcame the challenges they faced, in personal practice and with students.

Participants have also started to organize local meetings at their schools, collaborating in team, dedicated to other colleagues and school staff, to share their experience in the project and multiply the learning and project’s results.

In the last phase of the project, the diffusion of project’s results to a broader audience will also include the organization of 2 online conferences directed to European teachers, educators, trainers, families and other stakeholders. These events will be the opportunity to give more visibility to the lessons learned, methodologies experimented and developed and to the teaching materials and activity plans created by participants themselves.

More Natural Born Teachers are welcome to join us on this challenging path, exploring innovative and effective formulas from the contamination of wellness and nature-based education.

Author: Alessia Simonetti – JUMP Team