OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

New booktrailers and skills acquired for EU-Read&Art project participants

The last meeting of the EU-Read&Art project in collaboration with the University of the Third Age of Soverato concluded with great success, waiting for new participants and new goals to be achieved also in 2023.
The senior members involved in the shared reading and videomaking meetings produced two further booktrailers inspired by the reading of two new Italian novels: “Due di due”, a famous novel by the writer Andrea De Carlo, and “Sette paia di scarpe” by the writer Eliana Iorfida personally involved in the project.

With the aim of transferring new skills in the technical and IT fields to the learners, as well as in the oral and written use of the English language, the meeting continued by showing them the correct way to publish their respective videos on the public platform YouTube and, from there, also on the EU-Read&Art project website.
Some of the participants also tried their hand at translating their previously published works into English language, so as to offer the opportunity to understand the textual part of their respective trailers to all project’s international audience and to the simple users.
The booktrailers, created using all the videomaking skills and programs illustrated by the tutors during the previous meetings, are ready to enrich the first Digital Library of Booktrailers in Europe.

Eliana Iorfida, writer, JUMP Team