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Natural Born Teachers. The new course of the JUMP Training Academy

Nowadays, every teacher’s life is utterly different than it used to be.
Sometimes our teaching vocation is taken for granted, and we forget how living the true essence of teaching could be exaordinary.
Furthermore, in our busy life, we think it is impossible building a balanced relationship with students, and it seems that we never have enough time to devote ourselves properly to our work.

NATURAL-BORN TEACHERS course is the answer!
Rediscovering the essence of being a teacher in a natural context, managing stress, learning about mindfulness practices, strengthening team building among teachers, supporting teachers’ needs, and sharing how to solve problems. Developing cultural awareness and expression is the main aim of our training course.

The JUMP Academy course combines three main elements:
– outdoor activities to stimulate the natural movement of the body, discover nature and learn about local culture and traditions;
– relaxation in the early morning, enjoying sunrise and sunset on the beach and over the hill of Soverato; including sessions of yoga and mindfulness meditation;
– team building experiencing group activities and games.

By the end of the course, it will also be ensured that teachers will:
Understand the Mediterranean diet through practicing cooking lessons and finding out more tasty and healthy Italian recipes;
Learn more how the Italian educational system works.

Trainee teachers can be teachers working in public or private schools or educational institutions. Depending on the starting level of knowledge of the trainees, this course is structured to be versatile.
Moreover, in line with the Jump Academy teaching methodology standards, this course, like all our courses, tries to balance formal and non-formal education, performed indoors and outdoors.
JUMP team always tries to enhance the foundamental aspect of international mobility that is intercultural learning implemented through various interesting activities.

What are you waiting for?
JUMP with us!
Come and join our course on NATURAL BORN TEACHERS!

Author: Roberta Muratore – JUMP Team